Amanda is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Amanda specialises in everything feline from welfare, behaviour and education offering support and guidance to new cat parents with her 'kitten kindergarten' and 'happy cat' online courses.

Amanda is a passionate advocate of cat welfare and helping to prevent cat surrender where behavioural interventions can help both human care givers and cats lead a happy life.

Knowledge is key and Amanda regularly gives talk on cat education and welfare.

Amanda specialises in exotic hybrid breeds and finds their close genetic link to wild cats very interesting and is the feline behaviour counsellor for the Bengal Cat Association assisting in welfare and Behavioral cases that can mean the difference between rehoming or euthanasia in some cases where owners are unprepared for the challenges of the breed.

Amanda is a qualified Blue Cross pet bereavement advisor and fully understands the importance of recognising the loss of a companion animal both in the bereaved human and animal species.

Amanda is a member of the APBC feline working group alongside ABTC, ISFM, Cats Protection and many other cat welfare organisations to further promote the awareness of feline counsellors within veterinary practice and their clients.

Amanda joined the APBC committee in 2022 and was welcomed into a wonderful team of fellow professionals who all share a commitment and passion for making a better standard of behavioural training and welfare for animals large and small.

Amandas role as complaints manager ensures safe standards and practice for all members as well as dealing with members of the public advising and investigating any breach of the APBC code of conduct and compliance.

Amanda lives on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border with her furry four legged and feathered family - currently 7 cats and 7 chickens and one fellow human!