Hello and welcome for visiting my website and for taking the time to read my bio. I am proud to say that I became the first animal behaviour technician (ABT)with the APBC in the UK

I regularly run kitten kindergarten courses and owner education webinars - please ask me for details of these. My passion is cats - feral to feline show champion and solving all their quirky unwanted issues that can manifest from time to time-I have worked alongside charities for many years helping rehabilitate cats from surrender and euthanasia. I previously had my own cattery fostering and rehabilitating shelter cats, enabling them to go in to have happy lives with their new owners.I love engaging with clients and navigating my way around using my interpersonal skills that come with meeting with the human caregivers and deciphering what problems they are having , as well as using my detective skills to find out what the cats problems are - so it's a two way approach to trying to find a balance where life is harmonious again for cat and for their human guardian. The problems I get get asked to help with tend to range from spraying, house soiling, geriatric issues, over grooming, aggression and anxiety to name a few and I work alongside your veterinary professional.

Helping the owners to enrich their cats lives and build back bonds that have become broken is so rewarding. No one wants to rehome a cat so it's always worth seeing if a behavioural modification therapy plan can work first. It's takes effort, it takes time and it's not a quick fix but I'm totally committed to helping both cat and owner to finding their way to live their best lives together - all nine of them!

A vet medical check is needed before engaging with any plan as many underlying health conditions can manifest as a behavioural problem.

The best owner contact of all is the thank you, things are working out or things are improving message from the owner because I know they speak for the cat too.

So if you feel like you want some advice, don't be afraid to ask , you might just nip something in the bud or prevent a whole bunch of issues that could become embedded behaviour. t

Kind regards

Amanda Campion CAB

Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)
Registered CAB member of the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)
Full member of International Feline Behaviourists IFB
Member of international companion animal network ICAN Registered behaviourist
Feline Behaviour Counsellor at the Bengal Cat Association