One thing is absolutely certain! Most cats hate catteries!

Is it because catteries are horrible places?

Is it because cattery owners are uncaring?

Is it because cats don't like cattery food?

The answer is 'none of the above'. There are some really caring cattery owners and some superb modern catteries with great food too!

So why do cats really hate catteries? It's simple, they're territorial animals and over many thousands of years, cats have been genetically programmed to be solitary animals and reign over a territory and this explains much of a modern cats behaviour.

When most cats are forcibly removed from their family environment (their territory), they will become stressed, unhappy and may lose their appetite, being unable to adjust to their new surroundings. It's not so much the fact that they don't want to be in a cattery, it's just that they don't want to be away from their home.

It's common sense and far kinder to care for a cat in its own home, rather than take it somewhere else to be cared for with strange smells and noises. Why would you want your cat to be stressed and unhappy when it could stay calm and relaxed with a visit from an experienced cat care professional in their own home.