Do you have a problem cat? Or a cat with a problem?

I am here to help and can offer a remote consultation via video or phone call so I welcome clients from anywhere in the world.

As a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, I am able to help with a range of problematic issues along with support from the clients veterinary clinician. (Some prophylactic and owner education assistance may not need this).

Behaviour change sometimes needs a preventative approach in which many factors are taken into consideration and can treat a wide variety of feline unwanted behaviours seen in homes today such as:

Feline Aggression



Geriatric Cocognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Excessive Vocalisation

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


House Soiling

New Pet Introductions

New Baby

House Move

And Many More...

All behavioural modification consultations can be done virtually around the globe!

With a multi modal behaviour modification plan alongside owner education you can certainly make a difference to your cat's welfare and behaviour and ultimately your happiness and pleasure in cat parenting too!

I am a fully registered CAB with the APBC and ABTC, which means behaviour plan costs may be covered by your pet insurance if you have this cover included in your policy so please speak to your insurance provider or check your policy documentation.

I offer five behaviour plans:

'Through the cat flap' PLAN

A 15 minute video home assessment to target welfare and enrichment needs are being met

(please note that this does not offer consultation regarding behaviour it is environmental modification only)

This is £50

Bronze 'First Aid' PLAN

30 minute video or telephone consultation, ideal for first aid management advice or behaviour that can be changed with owner education.

This is £100

Silver 'Top Cat' PLAN

Vet liaison and clinical history obtained prior to consultation.

Questionnaire relevant to your situation.

Zoom consultation or call for up to one hour (this may be split into two 30 min consults if suitable). This may be recorded so you can refer back to it.

Supportive educational files will be sent to assist understanding of the issue.

This is suitable for acute issues and but with more in depth advice.

This is £180

Gold 'Cats Whskers' PLAN

The fee is £300 and the extensive process is as follows.

Targeted in depth questionnaire sent to you.

Vet liaison and clinical history obtained pre consultation and ongoing.

Insurance company liaison.

Video or phone consultation usually taking between one and one and a half hours.

Takeaway behaviour report -This gives a diagnosis and reasons for the behaviour along with a modification plan to help improve or eliminate the issue.

I liaise with your veterinary clinician throughout the process.

You then receive up to three months of follow up support which includes follow up zoom or voice calls.

WhatsApp messaging, as required, to embed the modification plan, monitor progress and help with any setbacks or changes that are needed.

This is £300

Platinum 'VIP' PLAN

This is the ultimate VIP Supportive plan with a full behaviour report and modification plan with an extensive six month support package.

This is essential for chronic or severe problematic behaviour and where ongoing help and support for you and your cat is needed.

The fee is £600 and this ultimate VIP plan is as follows.

Holistic approach taking into consideration any other cats/species in the home.

Targeted in depth questionnaire to client (developed for your issue).

Vet liaison and clinical history obtained pre consultation and ongoing as needed throughout the six month care period.

Insurance company liaison.

Video or phone consultation initially between one and one and a half hours with regular follow up unlimited video calls as necessary throughout the six month period.

You receive six months of follow up support which includes VIP WhatsApp messaging and video calls as required to ensure the modification plan is effective, progress monitoring and assistance with any setbacks or changes that are needed as well as support for you as the care giver.

This is £600

Throughout all of these plans I am governed by the professional standards and code of conduct of the ABTC and APBC.

If you need any help deciding which is the correct plan for you and feel a brief discovery call will be beneficial to you prior to making a decision please let me know and Iíll arrange this as soon as possible.

I am governed by professional standards and ethics and hold a comprehensive insurance policy specially for animal carers and behaviourists.

My terms and conditions are provided prior to engagement of services and must be fully complied with.

As a Bach flower remedy practitioner, remedies as prescribed can be posted in the UK for £ 12 which includes first class postage. If you're outside the UK, please ask for the postal cost.

Feline herbs can be provided to further add to a behavioral plan so please ask for details.

Please look at my reviews from happy clients who contacted me as a last resort to prevent rehoming or euthanasia of their feline friend. A modification plan by Kittysitty really can be a life changing decision.

Amanda J. Campion CAB-APBC, (CAB) ABTC

Full member of International Feline Behaviourists IFB

Member of international companion animal network ICAN Registered behaviourist

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Advisor

Feline Behaviour Counsellor for the Bengal Cat Association

Click here to check the APBC register