Practising as a Clinical animal Behaviourist Full member of the APBC and ABTC.

My passion is cats. Feral to feline show champion. Helping to correct all their quirky unwanted issues, anxiety and stresses that can manifest from time to time.

I have worked alongside charities for many years helping rehabilitate cats from surrender and euthanasia.

I previously had my own cattery fostering and rehabilitating traumatised shelter cats, enabling them to go in to have happy lives with their new owners.

I love engaging with the cat caregivers and deciphering what problems they are having, as well as using my detective skills to find out what the cats problems are so it's a two-way approach to trying to find a balance where life is harmonious again for cat and for their human guardian.

As a CAB I assist with a wide range of feline behaviours but the most rewarding is to see a previously traumatised or anxious cat start to trust again. This is life-changing for the cat. Helping the owners to enrich their cat's lives and build back bonds that have become broken is so rewarding.

It takes effort, it takes time and it's not a quick fix but with a sustained approach trauma modification therapy can help both cat and owner to find their way to live their best lives together. All nine of them!